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Our Stud Bullet is an exceptional boy! He’s CKC registered and comes from Champion bloodlines. He is an English style lab with a blocky head and strong build. He’s been an amazing hunting dog, but has also been a joy to have in our home! His temperament is playful when it’s play time but calm and relaxed when it’s R & R time. Bullet has produced some beautiful, healthy litters. Bullet has been requested many times to stand stud for other breeders as well.



Winnie, is our CKC Yellow Labrador with a “Champagne” dilute gene giving her a beautiful cream coloured coat. Winnie has a playful, adventurous way about her but when play time is over she has a friendly, calm temperament. She insists on an adventure off our acreage and to the coulees almost every day.



KoKo, is our AKC silver factored Chocolate Labrador. This gal is exceptionally athletic and is unstoppable in her water retrieves of anything from balls to ducks. KoKo is very intelligent and constantly trying to out smart our other dogs. She’s well behaved around children and loves cuddles.


Koko - Our Dogs

Luna has a dilute gene producing her beautiful light and bright silver coat. She has produced some lovely litters. Her temperament is so nice to be around. She’s very calm, intelligent and loyal. Luna loves pheasant hunting and has an exceptional nose for it!


Luna New.jpg

 Mya is our AKC Silver Labrador. She is the sweetest girl. She lives to please and is very obedient. She loves to swim and no lake is too big for her. Her warm temperament is so nice to have around. She’s happy to sit right next to us on the back deck but loves to play fletch with the kids when she can.


Mya - Our Dogs - Litter
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